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Music stirs up memories and emotions savored over a lifetime, awakening all of the senses. Here are some of my memorable you listen, tune in to what you're feeling and allow the music to move through. You just might discover something new about you.


I also included two songs written and sung by my brother, Norm Weintraub. As we were relaxing in my kitchen early one morning, he began playing his beautiful melodies on his guitar and I couldn't resist picking up my phone and recording these two special songs. "The Eagle in my Soul" was written for my father, and "Brayley Road" was written about our childhood home and all the special memories that surrounded our life on Brayley Road.

Adele, "Make You Feel My Love"

Ben Harper, "Diamonds on the Inside"

James Taylor, "Secret Of Life"

Dan Fogelberg, "To the Morning"

Joni Mitchell, "Cactus Tree"

Neil Young, "I Believe In You"

Norm Weintraub, "The Eagle in

my Soul"

Ray LaMontagne, "Shelter" and

"Hold You In My Arms"

Norm Weintraub, "Brayley Road"

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