Have you ever wondered about your life’s dreams and what happened to them? Have you ever had dreams for your life? This book is your wake-up call. A reminder that it is never too late to fulfill that desire burning deep down inside of you. The piece of your soul that is ready to shine and light up your life. Cynthia Brennen has created an easy to follow guideline for you to do just that. Through her experience with personal and professional lessons, she teaches you how to live a life of balance, health, and authenticity. As you discover the purity of your own soul, and purpose of your existence here on earth, you will begin to feel the freedom to live your life, your journey, and your truth.

Living, Loving & Unlearning:

A therapist's guide to healing and living authentically from the inside out

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Spirit Song

There are many beautiful views I run into on my walks. Sometimes, a deer may cross my path or stop and stare at me, delivering a message of love from Spirit. Eagles soar above reminding me of grace and strength. The water calms my heart and soothes my soul. Always reminded that Goddess is just a heartbeat away. No fear, only solace in this garden of light, peace, and love.